The golden robe and creamy mousse indicate maturity.
Straw-coloured glints give an impression of richness.
The nose is concentrated, dominated by aromas of candied fruit (dried apricots, prunes), honey and dried fruit (fresh walnuts).

Hints of pastries, gingerbread, rich short-crust pastry and a dash of cinnamon develop.

It is full and mature on the palate, exhibiting dried and candied fruit, with very long-lasting aromas and a hint of sweetness at the finish.

This is accomplished Champagne at the height of its expression.

Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs is a champagne made exclusively from the Pinot Noir grape variety. Particular care is taken during the harvest, so that the skin of the grapes does not color the juice, which thus remains perfectly white.

It is vinified and aged in 228 and 600 liter oak barrels, unfiltered to reveal the expression of our champagne terroirs.

It will age for another 36 months in our cellars, before being offered for tasting.

This cuvée reveals a golden color with slightly pink reflections, supported by a fine effervescence and a white and continuous cord.

The freshness of the attack is followed by a multitude of aromas coming from the grape variety as well as from the vinification in barrels.

The aromatic palette makes us perceive notes of wild fruits and spices, we find at the end of the mouth these characteristic aromas of brioche, and dried fruits brought by the aging in barrels.


A speciality of the Champagne region.
It has a hint of fruitiness.