Cuvée brut Reserve Joannes Lioté


Brut Réserve

This Champagne has a white elegant mousse that leaves a continuous full line of bubbles. It is deep yellow in colour with copper and old gold tints.

The aromas are dominated by juicy fruits (yellow peaches) and tangy fruits (fresh oranges).

Some candied notes (apricot jam) develop, with a touch of quince paste. In addition, there is a hint of dried fruits (hazelnuts, praline).

On the palate, the first impression is lively and fresh, developing into a fruity, inviting taste. There is an impression of smoothness, especially at the finish when a taste of whole apricot makes its presence felt.

  • Chardonnay 15%
  • Pinot Noir 15%
  • Pinot Meunier 70%

Available in :

Bottle - Half-bottle - Magnum - Jeroboam

This cuvée is served at social occasions like cocktail parties and receptions. It is a refined and accessible Champagne that can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

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